10 Gift Ideas for Women 50+

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After years of amazing holiday memories and gifts, you may find it harder to be creative with gift ideas for the amazing women over 50 on your Christmas list. After all, what do you get for someone who has everything? There are tons of unique gift ideas that will cater to their wonderful personality.



Browse our list for gift inspiration based on personality and interest:

Capes, Open Cardigans and Shawls
Traveling always requires dressing in layers for changing climates. A beautifully made cape, open cardigan, or shawl could be a great gift for a woman who travels. The best thing about this gift is the sizing is often one size fits all or simplistic enough to make it easy to purchase the right sized garment.

Leather Travel Bag

What traveler doesn’t need a sturdy travel bag in the perfect carry on size? Leather bags tend to be more durable than other bags with the added benefit of classic style and convenience.

Carafe and Glass Set
Anytime there’s a gathering, you need something beautiful to put drinks in. A Carafe and glass set is a great gift for the ultimate hostess. Some sets can be customized online or at your local engraving store for an added personal touch.

Serving Trays or Boards
Whether light hors d'oeuvres or a deliciously prepared meal, serving trays and boards are essential in a well-executed gathering.  Like the carafe and glass set, these items can also be personalized to add an extra special touch.

Sunglasses are a fashionista’s best friend! Find a pair that reflects your loved one’s personality and style. Be sure to choose a pair that properly frames their face shape. Two reasons this is always a great gift are the wrinkle and sun protection sunglasses provide.

Kimono or Robe
For the woman who loves to look her best at all times, the modern chic kimono cardigan or robe is great for lounging at home with style. 

Build Your Own Jewelry Set
Know a creative and stylish woman? This is the perfect gift for her! Build your own jewelry sets will allow them to build necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that fit their own unique style. The sets often come with interchangeable pieces that allow for endless creative options.

Magnifier Light for Crafts
Crafts often involve small pieces or serious attention to detail. A combination free standing magnifier and light can be the perfect gift for a woman into crafts.

Stylish Smartwatch
Smartwatches continue to evolve into elegantly designed highly useful wearable tech. According to Lifewire article, Wearables and Accessories from Your Favorite Fashion Brands, “high-end brands have recognized the appeal of wearable devices, and both devices and accessories from fashion houses offer consumers a great way to customize tech that can otherwise look sporty or simply cookie-cutter.” This could be an excellent gift for the tech-savvy modern woman that loves a stylish flair.

Instant Camera
Perfect for capturing memories that can instantly be framed or incorporated into décor, the new wave of nostalgic instant cameras is a great gift idea for tech lovers. Instant Cameras are simple to use and could even be a great gift for those who aren’t tech savvy, but love gadgets or capturing important moments. 

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