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With our online estate auctions site, CTBIDS, shoppers can browse estate sales in the Durham area and nationwide. By bidding online, shoppers can find treasures that are difficult to find elsewhere and families can get the greatest return on their estate sale.

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Online Auctions, with the Estate Sale Experience

For over a decade, CTBIDS has brought estate sales online. Bidding starts at $1, allowing bidders to find unique and everyday treasures for a great value. Clients downsizing or transitioning to new homes benefit from a broader audience interested in purchasing their items. Book a consultation today or visit CTBIDS to browse our online estate auctions.


Create and Manage an Innovative Online Estate Sale Through CTBIDS in Chapel Hill, NC

Discover how Caring Transitions of Chapel Hill can help you or a loved one with compassionate online estate sale services in Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding areas

Caring Transitions of Chapel Hill is a globally recognized supplier that specializes in offering personalized help through life-changing situations. The company offers a variety of services, such as relocation, downsizing, and estate sale management, and has earned a reputation for excellence in these areas. When it comes to facilitating estate sales, we also organize online auctions for estate sales, and with our specialized CTBIDS platform, we assist clients in lowering their costs while simultaneously increasing their earnings. This is all part of our business.

How does CTBIDS Work?

We will make arrangements for an online estate sale professional to meet with you for a no-cost consultation so that we can give you a comprehensive overview of how everything functions. They will spend the time necessary to not only explain each stage of the procedure but also examine all of the things you plan to list on CTBIDS. If it is necessary, we are able to assist with photographing, listing, and uploading each item. Those individuals who are in need of liquidating some assets but do not have the opportunity to participate in transitional estate sales but are still required to do so are encouraged to make use of CTBIDS as an excellent alternative.

CTBIDS Pricing Options

CTBIDS stands apart from other platforms because, in contrast to those offerings, it gives you a number of different price alternatives to choose from. Because of this, you won't ever have to limit yourself to a single approach when selling your assets; instead, you'll have more options to choose from. You have the option of selecting from the following, however:

  • Auction: In a traditional auction, you will give potential buyers the opportunity to outbid one another until the person who makes the highest offer wins the item.
    Fixed price: If you are not interested in the process of having people bid on your products, you can set a fixed price that will be sold to the first buyer.
  • Classified Ad: Advertise your wares and assets through a classified ad to increase the amount of interest that is generated in your upcoming auctions. Classified ads often include photographs, descriptions, pricing, and shipping charges. However, after the item is purchased, the advertisement will be removed.
  • Buy Now: You have the option of making an item available for immediate purchase using the buy now option, just as you do when using the fixed-price option.
  • Reserve: If you are worried about an item meeting a certain value within the bidding process, you can set a hidden reserve price that buyers cannot see. If the reserve price is not met by the end of the auction, you can choose to re-list the item or consider the highest bidder's offer.

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