Decluttering: 10 Tips to Make the Man Cave More Enjoyable

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June is Men’s Health month, and what better way to keep your sanity than enjoying your Man Cave?

There may be a scientific link to mental well-being and allowing yourself to enjoy space. A recent study shows, “space is very important for regulating emotions,” says Sam Gosling, a psychology professor and author. The study also shows space as a powerful mechanism for evoking our emotions and positively impacting emotional well-being. “It’s incredibly important to be in one’s own space and resonate with who one is,” Gosling says.

If you’ve noticed your space doesn’t provide the peace or serenity it used to, it may be time to declutter your man cave. Recent research shows that clutter can affect your brain’s ability to concentrate and process information as well as have a strong effect on mood and self-esteem.

Decluttering can help restore how your space is enjoyed — be it cave, bar, media room, pool hall, garage, woodshop, etc. We have 10 tips to get you started:

  1. Get rid of broken appliances. writes, “Find an appliance recycling center at or if that doesn’t exist in your area, contact your local trash service to see how to schedule a pickup for big appliances.”

  3. Remove or repurpose old sports equipment.
    Sports equipment can be repurposed to create framed art fitting for your space or upcycled as a sentimental gift.

  5. Upcycle or discard broken and unused tools.
    See if friends are in need of your unused tools. If you have 4 screwdriver sets, surely a friend could appreciate one of them.

  7. Discard or upcycle abandoned projects.
    Not in love with the rustic wood coffee table you were creating? Consider using parts or pieces of the project in a new project, or finding a friend or loved one who could use a portion of it.

  9. Remove or recycle outdated electronics.
    Nostalgia can only go so far. If you are overrun with technology that precedes this decade consider discarding, recycling, or upcycling a few items. Before you do that, a few of those items may be estate sale or online auction worthy and in some cases worth thousands. See a list of surprisingly valuable 80s items here.

  11. Upcycle, recycle or discard excess supplies.
    Be sure excess project supplies find a new home or purpose with someone you know or as a donation.

  13. Find new or used hanging hooks to organize tools wires and supplies.

  15. Install cable clamps to organize cords and wires.

  17. Use new or used shelving with cube storage. (Easy to find at an estate sale or platform like

  19. Hire Caring Transitions to sort and organize, declutter, host an estate sale or online auction.
    If you are ready to clear out clutter and know this is a task that can be overwhelming, consider us. Read more on our Services.



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